Rec Board Minutes – February 2018

March 28, 2018

2/21/18 Board Minutes

7:37 PM Start

Members Present: Sam Watt, Talia Preissman, Tim Longnecker, Howard Rush, Michael Allen

****Tim Longnecker addresses public attendees with explanation of MUSA Email reiterating what the status are for field use for Lacrosse ¾ grade. Lacrosse was assigned right field area of Babe Ruth Field.

Sam Watt continued with explanation that MUSA has raised funds to keep fields in playable and safe condition, but other sports teams using the fields need to participate in upkeep.

Darren Matik assured Lacrosse and Soccer Poplar Avenue fields will be up to spec for use.

Guest Speaker Mary Cole: Community Garden proposal for the SJI park location. Proposed raised beds due to ground water being contaminated.

Re-org nominations: All Seats remain with the exception of Dan Miller, who resigned as Treasurer, Judy Simpson nominated as Treasurer

Talia Preissman accepted nomination 1st

Howard Rush accepted nomination 2nd

Park Director Report: Laurie Montgomery: Christmas decorations have been put away. The 2018 Easter

            Egg Hunt will be held on Saturday 3/31/18. Stacy DeDomenicis had reached out to bring back the Miss Linwood Award.

            2018 Halloween ideas: request to do an Octoberfest, one day liquor license, have all normal amenities, face painting, hay rides, etc. This is in lieu of the trunk or treat event.

Council Report: Darren Matik:

Old Playground: Playground letters received in regards to leaving the old 2-5 playground at the All Wars Memorial Field. They would remove the 5-12 playground. The Linwood library has agreed to take the 2-5 Toddler playground. They are looking into a new quote for removal and set up.

            *Poplar Avenue field is not ready for use. There are areas of the field that are still in need of repair. They have not paid the vendor in full until the field is completed.

            *George from Lang’s will be designing the landscape for Poplar Avenue Field.

            *Baseball building quotes came in, $259k was the lowest bid for the construction of the new building. $50k is being contributed from baseball organization. This is for a 50 year building having 2 bathrooms

            *Soccer: They are interviewing architects for a new soccer building that will also be a 50 year building.

            *Shell Path: CBG $$ used to repair and make the path ADA compliant.

            *Christmas lights: landscaping bid is being done for installation and removal of Holiday Lights

New Business:

            Babe Ruth Field ( repairs needed to re-open) : Danger with foul balls hitting new playground

2 companies confirmed home plate is in the wrong location. New pitchers mound needed, moving home plate further back, need to add new 12 ft canopy/ to each side of fence, cost is about $20k

Field Use Requests: Next Level Football request was denied due to not having enough space for the field use and training.

LAX use of field space was assigned to right of Babe Ruth Field.

Meeting commenced. 9:40 PM

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