Rec Board Minutes – March 2018

April 18, 2018

Rec Board Meeting Minutes  3/28/18

Start: 7:34 pm

Members: Tim Longnecker, Howard Rush, Judy Simpson, Michael Allen, Ron Bradley, Talia Preissman, Sam Watt

Park Director Report (Laurie Montgomery): Egg Hunt scheduled for 3/31/18 11-1pm, Fun activities planned… petting zoo, balloons, face painter, etc. VOLUNTEERS WELCOME.

Getting letters in regards to what the plan is for the old playground.  Idea given for Bank Shot System, . (this was ruled too expensive)

Council Report ( Darren Matik) :

*Old Playground: Getting pricing to move 2-5 year section to new playground location. May take a couple weeks.

*$100 to go to public works for them to get lunch thanking them for their hard work.  All members Okayed this.

*Tennis Courts are closed, you need to register to use.

*Signs for Babe Ruth Field need to be put up that it is closed.

*Seashell path will be blocked so cars cannot use it for parking.

*Poplar Avenue Field: Mention of Lacrosse Coach hosting a practice and kids were practicing in the wrong direction. They will be ordering porta potty – 1 handicap, 1 regular

*Need ideas for a landscape architect. JEN CONNOR name and information was passed along for contact.

*Same architect is being used for new baseball and soccer building. Baseball building will be starting construction in July. Football will not be able to have a snack bar. (that information was passed to football at the meeting)

MOTION to Remove Babe Ruth Field: Motion to not do repairs to Babe Ruth field and to explore options to make it a multi-purpose field.

Howard 1st

Talia 2nd

Vote was unanimous

New Business:

Citizen of the year: Deadline Friday 4/13/18

Scholarship: Deadline Friday 5/18/18

Rain Day Field Closures: Laurie will put out signs

Gazebo Attic Stairs: at bare minimum the stairs need to be replaced

SJI Field Seeding: $425 to buy seeds. Needed Motion for Rec Board to pay for the seeding. Tim set the motion for the field to be seeded and paid for by Recreational Board. Sam 1st, Howard 2nd     

Liaison Report:

Football: Permission request for Panthers to use 2 parking spots for storage of equipment and supplies since baseball building is being torn down. Permission granted.

Meeting Ended 9:13pm

Judy Simpson 1st

Talia Preissman 2nd

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