Rec Board Minutes – April 2018

May 16, 2018

Rec Board Meeting Minutes  4/18/18

Start: 7:39 pm

Members: Tim Longnecker, Judy Simpson, Michael Allen, Talia Preissman, Sam Watt

Public Works: Darren Matik spoke for Chip Jones and said the gazebo is sound

Park Director Report (Laurie Montgomery): Citizen of the Year:  Members reviewed all letters of recommendation. Laurie Montgomery was excused since she was nominated. Vote was unanimous that Laurie was deserving of the award. Talia 1st, Sam 2nd

Memorial Day Parade: Being held on Memorial Day beginning at 10 AM. Suggestions were made to reach out to all ages of Sports organizations to bring in more activity for the parade. Sam suggested Mainland Soccer and Swim team to join in.

Locking of Park Access Roads: Fire and Public Works are going to lock off access from Shore Road.

Field Use Requests: Football was granted field use for June 15th event

Gilda’s Club: was granted use at the Poplar Avenue Fields for 6/25-6/28 9-12 pm activities (NO FEE WAS CHARGED)

Bobby Woods: Granted use of the T-ball, Softball and part of football field. Agreed charge of $150 per day 6/25-6/29 9-12 pm. 

(Discussion to raise the rate for 2019 to $150 per day per field use. Will revisit before year end.)

Tricare: National EMS Night Out 5/23 6-8:30pm. Denied use of football field. Can possibly be moved to Upper Field. No Helicopter allowed. TABLED for Further discussion and approval.

ALCO Center: Ice Cream Festival 7/15 Sunday 9-5 pm (7/22 raindate) All agreed Denied. Too Much Damage was done to the grounds.

Council Report ( Darren Matik) :

* Council needs written request to remove the Babe Ruth Field, suggestion to turn football field and possibly make a turf field.

SJI Park Recommendation to Council: Recreational Board gave permission to bring idea to council. The committee gave a presentation of what they would like to do with the space. 5k is needed to develop a plan with a landscape architect.

Old Business:

Special Capital/Poplar Ave Update: Still checking to see if grass is rooting/ drainage is working.

New Playground Event: Possibly join up with Soccer when they do movie night in the park

2018 Capital Improvements Fund Raising: Benches are ordered. Picnic tables are next. The city is also looking into the space next to Jessie’s for benches and/or tables to alleviate traffic

Liaison Report:


Meeting Ended:9:14pm

Talia Preissman  1st

Judy Simpson 2nd

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