Rec Board Minutes – July 2018

September 26, 2018

Recreational Board Minutes: July 25th 2018

Start Time: 7:33 PM

Members: Sam Watt, Talia Preissman, Judy Simpson, Tim Longnecker, Howard Rush, Michael Allen, Ron Bradly

Approval of Minutes: Mike Allen 1st, Howard Rush 2nd

Park Director: Laurie Montgomery: Halloween Event (In Lieu of Trunk or Treat Event) tentatively scheduled for 10/13/18 with a rain date of 10/14/18.  4-9 pm

Linwood PTO offered to allow recreational board  ONE DAY use of the liquor license. They have the correct 501C3 use allowance

Looking into Food Vendors, Band, Kids activities etc.

Public Works: Chip Jones: Football Field roped off, signs to stay off the field placed around the field

Council Liaison: Elliott Beinfest and Darren Matik

Council Report: Darren Matik: They are withholding the final payment ( $56k) for Poplar Avenue fields due to poor draining. According to waste management rules, you are not allowed to drain into an inlet.

Baseball Building is at a standstill. Waiting on some information from Anthony Caucci. Council is hoping to have it out for bid and approval for 8/8 council meeting.

All Purpose Building is also getting ready to go out for bid.

Babe Ruth Field: The back stop is being removed, that area will be seeded or sod will be put down also including the dugout area closer to the playground.

Public Guest: Kevin Lamonaca was present to represent Linwood Panthers

Panthers update: Uniforms are being distributed at practices starting 8/1/18.


*To remove baseball fence so they have space to practice since the field is being fixed.

*Can they line the field outside of the baseball infield @50yds.

*** All members okay with those requests.

Old Business: 2018 Capital Improvement Fund Raising: Laurie is going to reach out to Leigh Ann 7/30/18.

Movie Night Sponsor: Tim never heard back from Wells Fargo rep after giving sponsor information

Memorial Field Fence: Questions were raised as to whether it should run across the whole strip along Shore Road.

SJI Skate Park: Council is going to see if they can use funding from bike path to help push it through. A Design is being drawn up.

New Business:

Sam Watt had an idea to designate Poplar Avenue Field. Ideas of citizen of year as designee

Bench Maintenance Fee: Ideas were put out implementing an annual fee for continued maintenance or forfeiture of spot/bench. Currently the city maintains the benches along the bike path

National Night Out: John Hamilton reached out to see if the recreation board would offer a sponsor for that night. Since the recreational board already participates, no money will be given.

Field Use Requests: MUSA will share the Auxiliary Field with Football 8/1-11/30.

Mainland Soccer Camp: It was brought to the attention of the board that John Napoli was running a soccer camp using the fields without paying for field use. This was not a MUSA sponsored camp.

A motion to request $1200 fee to be charged to John Napoli for the field use. For the future he will have rate per day that is charged for other camps being held on the fields. Judy 1st, Mike 2nd

Website: Approximate date for it to go live. Mike Allen said it can be up by next meeting.

Meeting Ended: 8:49pm

Talia 1st

Judy 2nd

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