Rec Board Minutes – October 2018

November 14, 2018

Recreational Board Minutes 10/17/18

Start time: 7:32 pm

Members: Sam Watt, Talia Preissman, Tim Longnecker, Howard Rush, Michael Allen, Ron Bradly

Treasurers Report: Not available

Park Director: Laurie Montgomery: Display Board was damaged. Currently covered until fixed.

Spoke to Chip: Fence (wood split rail) along seashell parking lot is rotted and falling apart. It should be replaced with the new white vinyl split rail that has been installed around the park. Looking into pricing. This can be done

Halloween Event: Sunday, 10/28/18, 1-4 pm.  Approved through JIF. There will be Alien Lasar tag, a blow up for ages 4 and under and a blow up for older kids. All items through Circus Town.

Relay for life wants to be a part of the Tree Lighting Christmas Event. They would like to have a station.

Council Liaison: Elliott Beinfeist and Darren Matik: The Babe Ruth Field has been graded and seeded. There are some areas that need to be addressed and fixed. Green building should come down at some point. Looking into storage unit for Lacrosse and Football.

Baseball and Sports Building still on schedule for bids. Baseball should be done by November meeting.

Seaview School would like to do a new fence in place of the wood split rail along the bike path in front of the school. City would like to do a vinyl fence.  They are getting quotes Friday 10/19/18

Final plans are done for landscape design for Poplar Avenue Fields. They are in process of getting quotes.

*** Basketball tryouts in November. Rec will be in Northfield, K-8th boys and girls.

Clinics will begin in January 2019. 

*** Somers Point will be participating in the league.

Approval of September Minutes: Howard 1st, Sam 2nd

Open to the Public: John Miller spoke about the proposed Skate Park Approval. He stated that most skate parks are in shore towns. Some have not survived. Avalon is shut down. He also mentioned that no skate parks are located near any residential housing. He also noted no adults were present. He was mainly concerned with the statement that was made in last month’s meeting from a member of the SJI Skate Park Committee that a skate park is for a family. Darren Matik explained that everything starts as an idea before it becomes a formal plan.

They have other ideas for the space and it will be proposed at a later time.

Old Business:

Mainland Soccer Camp fee: John Napoli will be reimbursing via a payment plan.

Locking of Park Access Roads: A lot of residences using access road for parking. Darren Matik said more police presence and possible ticketing will happen if anyone continues to trespass.

New Business:

Panthers Bonfire: all set for Friday 10/19/18 and 3 of the 4 certs have been received from the food trucks.

Holiday Tree Lighting: Tuesday, December 4th is the tentative date set. More details and ideas will be discussed at next meeting.

Meeting ended: 8:53 PM

Howard 1st , Talia 2nd

Last modified: November 21, 2019

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