Rec Board Minutes – November 2018

December 19, 2018

Recreational Board Minutes 11/14/18

Start Time: 7:30 pm

Members: Sam Watt, Tim Longnecker, Talia Preissman, Judy Simpson, Michael Allen, Ron Bradley, Howard Rush

Park Director: Laurie Montgomery

Public Works: Chip Jones

Council Liaison: Elliott Beinfest and Darren Matik

Treasurer: Judy Simpson

Approval of October mins: Judy 1st, Sam 2nd

Treasurers Report: $10,354.71 balance

Park Director Report: Holiday Arboretum Event Tuesday, December 4th 6-9 pm. Relay for life is providing a Hot Chocolate Stand. Belhaven Choir cannot attend. Awaiting confirmation from Mainland’s Band. There will be 2 horse and carriages, Santa, Elves, ice skating rink, carolers, etc

Old Business:

2018 Capital Improvement Fund Raising: 12 benches ready for purchase at about $300.

Mainland Soccer Camp Fees: ( additional weeks) tabled. John Napoli responded with the dates of 7/9-7/12, 7/16-7/19, 7/23-7/26. These were the dates the field was used. Dates in question are 7/30-8/2 and 8/6-8/9 were not mentioned however field was used for a camp. Charges were supposed to be $150 per day. Rec Board Agreed to $1200

Locking of Park Access Roads: remains the same

Memorial Park changes: Still at a stand still

New Business:

Holiday Tree lighting/ New Decorations: Howard and Tim went to Bethlehem, purchased some items including 2 Giant Poinsettias, Ground Snowflakes, 5 lit wreaths, Human snow globe etc. about $3000 in cost.

83 poles need to be decorated. We are bringing back the ice skating rink, possible fire pit ( smores station) reaching out to Chick Kisby. Looking for volunteers to help with decorating at the Arboretum.

Football and Field Repairs: PLEASE SEE AT THE END OF MINUTES

Open Public Session: Residents asked why raised flower beds would not work at the SJI Park location. Response was the ground is contaminated. Questions about the Skate Park idea. Nothing has been approved. Remains as an idea. Questioned previous minutes indicated the idea being “pushed through” with bike path extension. Talia Preissman explained she was only referencing the new path was being pushed through into the SJI park area to connect to Exchange.

Football Field and Repairs: Special guests Pete Hoag, Rick Dill, and Katherine Friedman were present on behalf of Linwood Panthers. They inquired about the 7k payment that is due for field repairs. Tim Longnecker explained that back in 2017 it was decided that the football organization and the lacrosse organization would share the costs in the field repairs and replenishment after each of their own sports seasons. The amount that was estimated is $14k. Lacrosse is to pay $7k  and Football is to pay $7k.

Linwood Panthers reps said they were not aware of this charge. Recreational Board assured them it was brought to the attention of board members on more than one occasion. The Panthers February 2018 minutes reflected notice that $7k needed to be put aside for field replenishment.

Linwood Panther reps stated that they only had 4 home games and felt they should not have to pay the full amount requested. Lacrosse had already paid for replenishment after their season to prep Panthers for their 2018 season. Katherine Friedman asked the Board Members if they could do a payment plan. The Board agreed that they could do a payment plan

Meeting Ended: 9:29 PM – Talia 1st Judy 2nd


Present Linwood Panthers Members: Pete Hoag, Tara Santoro, Kevin Lamonaca, John Franchini

Present Board Members: Tim Longnecker, Sam Watt, Michael Allen, Judy Simpson, Talia Preissman, Howard Rush

Park Director: Laurie Montgomery

Council Liaison: Darren Matik

Special Guest: Dan Miller

The Panthers would like a written document of the terms with monetary obligations for field replenishment.

Panthers do not have the 7k. Recreational Board proposed that the Panthers pay back Lacrosse in the amount of $3500 to split the cost of what Lacrosse has already paid (7k) for the replenishment of fields.

Panthers are going back to their board members to propose approval of funds. This will be at their December 11th meeting.

Moving Forward a discussion will be done at the next rec board meeting determining a regular usage fee for field replenishment

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