Rec Board Minutes – December 2018

January 18, 2019

Recreational Board Minutes 

December 19,2018

Start time: 7:34 pm

Members: Talia Preissman, Tim Longnecker, Howard Rush, Michael Allen, Judy Simpson, Ron Bradly

Approval of November Minutes:  Judy 1st, Howard 2nd

Treasurer’s Report: Judy Simpson: $7,016.73. They should have about $3000 coming back.

Park Director Report: Laurie Montgomery: Christmas Tree Lighting was a success! Over 200 children saw Santa; Smores station was a huge hit; Police noted that they need more police presence; An arboretum member requested if we can make the event more religious friendly

Council Liaison: Darren Matik: Bidding for soccer and baseball sports buildings are still on table. 

  • Would like to look into turning the football field and also try to replace with turf. Tim Longnecker is providing a contact for someone to come and price it out.
  • Babe Ruth Field remains will be taken out in the Spring. The city will provide storage for Lacrosse and Football.

Public Session: NONE 

Old Business:

2018 Capital Improvement Fund: Benches are available at $300 

Mainland Soccer Camp Fees: John Napoli was a no show_ this item has been tabled for discussion

Locking of Park Access Roads: Change to a combo lock instead of a clip. Should rectify the illegal use

Memorial Park Changes: Fence repair around shell parking lot and hockey rink. Darren is going to have Chip remove all damaged wood, looking for replacement. 

New Business:

Field Use Applications: Lacrosse was approved Monday – Friday 5-8:30 pm and Saturdays 8 am -7 pm 2/20-5/31 Field use will be at Memorial fields and Poplar fields ; Athlete’s Arbor Approved to use Poplar fields 4/7-6/9 $150 per day 

City Budget and Appropriations: Tim Longnecker and Laurie Montgomery to discuss

Football and Field Repairs: Special guest: John Franchini was present in place of Kevin Lamonaca; Football organization agreed to pay the $3500 reimbursement to Lacrosse, but will need a payment plan. 

The organization would like conditions in writing as oppose to Lump sum requests. They would like to know whom else is using the field. Football and Lacrosse should have priority of field use.

Recreational Board did state that cannot guarantee what the costs for repairs are ahead of time. It depends on current status of the field areas after each sports season is completed. 

The recreational board may have to front the reimbursement and have football pay them back. This was not approved just an idea.

A plan needs to be set in place for the future for any field replenishments and the sports organizations will need to be readily available for those replenishments or they cannot be completed. 

Linwood Panther nominations and elections for the board are happening next month.

Meeting call to end 9:21 pm

Judy 1stand Howard 2nd

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