Rec Board Minutes – January 2019

February 4, 2019

Recreational Board Minutes January 16th 2019

Start time: 7:33 PM

Members: Sam Watt, Talia Preissman, Tim Longnecker, Howard Rush, Judy Simpson, Michael Allen

Park Director Report: Laurie Montgomery: Men’s bathroom was vandalized. The doors ripped off hinges from stalls, paper towel dispenser damaged. Laurie purchased Deer cameras to put into the trees around the area.

7 more poles with lights were stolen around Memorial Park, Darren has asked the police department to in effect an active plan for surveillance of the park.

Idea was put out for 2019 Octoberfest in the park in lieu of a Halloween event. Live music, beer garden, Laurie will be getting a committee together for the event.

Public Works: N/A

Council Liaison: June Byrnes

Treasurers Report: Judy Simpson: $5,109.85 has been deposited for a new balance of $12,126.58

Approval of December Minutes: Mike 1st, Howard 2nd

Open Public: A Linwood resident was present to thank everyone for the leaf clean up at Hartshorne Park. It made it much easier for the residents to walk through and enjoy the scenery. They are coming up with some ideas for use of the area.

Reorganization of the Board: All members shall remain in current positions.

Talia Preissman – Secretary

Tim Longnecker- President

Sam Watt- Vice President

Judy Simpson- Secretary

Old Business:

Mainland Soccer Camp Fees: Another certified letter sent. No Response

Locking of Park Access Roads: Darren said city looking into gates

Memorial Park Changes: Baseball building went out for bid. Hoping to get soccer building out for bid.

Football and Field repairs/payments: New Linwood Panthers President John Franchini was present. $1000 check was giving to rec board towards payment plan. They have been pricing out equipment so they can start their budget for 2019 season.

New Business:

Field Use Applications for MUSA: They were approved for field use of Edna and Auxiliary Field Monday through Friday 3:30-8:30pm and Saturday Am until noon. We had to table Field Use request for right side of football field and poplar as there is conflict with already approved Lacrosse field use.  

City Budget and Appropriations: Asking budget to be increased to $35,000.

Movie Night: Tim would like to continue to look into Movie Night in the Park Sponsors. May be a good idea for fundraising for each individual sports organization.( tabled until next meeting for sponsor levels)

Motion to End Meeting: Howard 1st, Judy 2nd

Meeting Ended: 8:35 PM

Last modified: November 20, 2019

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