Rec Board Minutes – March 2019

April 17, 2019

Recreational Board Minutes March 20th 2019

Start time: 7:35 PM

Members: Sam Watt, Tim Longnecker, Howard Rush, Ron Bradly, Michael Allen

Park Director Report: Laurie Montgomery

  • Easter event will be held Saturday April 20th, 12pm-2:30pm with egg hunt starting promptly at 2:00pm.  Face painting, magic show, and bouncie will be there.
  • Christopher Johnson from Keystone Lodge interested in volunteering at rec board events.  Look into getting background checks if volunteers will be dealing with children if they are not affiliated with an organization.  Darren Matik volunteered that the LPD would be able to do a background check.  Need to check into insurance for volunteers.
  • Citizen of the year and college scholarship have been posted to Linwood Live and Rec Board Facebook pages.

Public Works: Public works not in attendance

Council Liaison:

  • June Byrnes: A gentleman from the Masonic Lodge has reached out to LeighAnn Napoli would like to volunteer with community events.
  • June Byrnes: Maritime museum located at the library has been asked to possibly relocate maritime artifacts to the Somers Mansion in Somers Point.  They would like to resurrect the Somers Mansion and adding the maritime artifacts would be a win-win for both parties involved.
  • Darren Matik: baseball building renovation is underway.  Two sheds have been purchased for lacrosse and football.  Baseball will be in contact with Phyllis Watt about using soccer snackbar while baseball building is under construction.  After baseball building is completed, planning to revisit plans for the soccer building; will put it out for bid.  Split rail fence around hockey court will be removed, looking into flower boxes to be placed on the new fence around the hockey rink.  Looking into extending bikepath from Poplar Ave to New Road for safer passage for pedestrians.  Looking into getting a playground at the library for the little kids, using funds allotted to the library.
  • Tim Longnecker brought up the safety concern of the new contractor for the restrooms having the key and access to the storeroom the rec board is using to store all Christmas decorations.
  • Sam Watt brought up what actually does public works do since jobs are being outsourced.  Darren informed members that public works is down to 6 full time employees; they have many things to do even though many jobs have been outsourced.

Treasurers Report: Judy Simpson was not in attendance.

Approval of January Minutes: Howard 1st, Sam 2nd.

Open Public:

  • John Franchini asked to be added to the list of members sent the minutes before the monthly meeting.  Tim informed John that minutes were not allowed to be sent to non rec board members before they are approved.  Once approved, they are posted on website. 

Old Business:

Mainland Soccer Camp Fees: John Napoli can not be in attendance due to work obligations to discuss soccer camp fees.  Discussion over whether or not camp was a MUSA sponsored camp.  Mike Allen would like to have a new field request form drawn up since there was no form filled out for the soccer camps.

Locking of Park Access Roads: waiting for proposal from John Hamilton along with security cameras in the park.  Residents along Wendy Dr. and Asbury Ave. have also requested security cameras to be placed along the bikepath in between Patcong and Seaview Aves (wooded area on bikepath).

Football and Field repairs/payments: Football made an initial payment of $1000.00 and hopefully will be in the position to make another payment after registration is held and uniforms ordered.  John Franchini believes that it might be sometime over the summer when they can make another payment and asked the rec board to pay lacrosse the money owed and that football would pay rec board back.   Tim explained to John that the rec board budget is used for events.  Darren explained to John that the sooner football pays back lacrosse back, then the city will put money into the football field since the football program has never put any money into their fields when all other sports have allocated funds for upkeep or repairs.  John is on board with possibly merging the football program with another town.  Somers Point may be on board but would like Linwood to give up their charter; Northfield is not showing any interest in merging.  ACJFL would need to give final approval of any merging.

New Business:

Field Use Applications for Linwood Baseball: opening day celebrations and baseball field use approved.  Mike Allen stated some coaches are saying the machine pitch field is too hard and who is to take care of it.  Coaches for baseball are responsible to drag the fields as they have done in the past to loosen the dirt.

Movie Night: Tim would like to continue to look into Movie Night in the Park Sponsors. May be a good idea for fundraising for each individual sports organization.  Prices have stayed the same as last years proposal.  MUSA travel soccer team is planning on using move night to fundraise for the teams traveling to Europe in 2 years.  Dan Miller will let Laurie know what dates they have planned and would like to do 4 movie nights.  Movie night could be a joint venture between soccer and other sports organizations with rec board backing it.

Website: Mike Allen said $125.00 is needed to purchase app for the website.  Tim and Darren told Mike to contact Judy to get payment from Judy.

Motion to End Meeting: Mike 1st, Howard 2nd

Meeting Ended: 8:45 PM

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