Rec Board Minutes – July 2019

August 21, 2019

Recreational Board Minutes 7/17/19

Start Time: 7:35 pm

Members Present: Sam Watt, Talia Preissman, Tim Longnecker, Howard Rush, Judy Simpson

Treasurers Report: Judy Simpson: Nothing new to report, we are owed $$

Park Director: Laurie Montgomery: Nothing to Report

Council Liaison: June Byrnes: noted Great Job on Memorial Day parade

Approval of May Minutes: Howard 1st/ Judy 2nd

Open Public:

*Maureen Duffy~ requested information under the by law 4-H- Roberts Rules of Order- reports of special ad hawk committees.

*John Franchini: Football was able to secure a trailer for storage and wanted to see where they can store it. Looking to leave it in a parking spot.

Ages 9/10 Mainland All Stars won the district championship. Linwood residents and some Somers Point residents wanted to see if we can have an acknowledgement ceremony or celebration. June reached out to Darren to check dates

Old Business:

Memorial Park Changes/updates: no new updates

Football and field repairs as offered by Darren Matik: Not available

Baseball Parents/ Coaches parking in park: Asked June to get police involved

Outside agency fees : Tabled. We still need to look further into neighboring area fees

New Business:

SJI Park Use/Requests and Insurance: Spoke to Maureen Duffy, field use forms need to be filled out and submitted for review of dates/use for approval prior to events.

Memorial Field Fence Extension: Asked June to look into the fence extension for the remainder of the park length along shore rd. leaving the opening area at the cross walk.

Field Request: Panthers use was tabled pending status of field repairs

*** Sam Watt asked if we could see a copy of the parks landscaping contract to see what is stated for the landscaper’s maintenance and applications to the grounds so that each season the fields are ready for safe use.

Meeting Ended: 8:27 pm

Howard 1st / Judy 2nd

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