Rec Board Minutes – September 2019

October 16, 2019

Linwood Board of Recreation September Minutes

Start time: 7:34 pm

Members: Sam Watt, Talia Preissman, Tim Longnecker, Howard Rush, Judy Simpson, Michael Allen, Ron Bradly

Park Director: Laurie Montgomery

Public Works: Chip Jones

Council Liaison: June Byrnes

Treasurers Report: Judy Simpson: Still have outstanding money due

Park Director: Laurie Montgomery: Halloween Event: Sunday 10/27, Hoping to have bounce house available. Will have face painting, activities for the kids. Christmas Event: Wanted to coordinate with the city for the poles to be wrapped on the bike path posts. They are thinking end of Oct start and to be completed 12/1/20

Council Report: Darren Matik

Approval of August Minutes: Judy 1st, Howard 2nd flr

Open public Session: No one Present

Old Business: new fence was put up around hockey rink. Bike path to the exchange to be completed.

Memorial Park Changes/updates: seashell path 9/25 or 9/26 to be paved.

Baseball Parent/Coaches parking in park: Rec Board requested Darren to speak to the President of baseball since the problem cannot be rectified.

New Business:

Light Box keys: Looking into a new panel for remote access

Rec Board Role: putting on events, be a mediator between sports organizations if problems arise.

Motion to end meeting: Howard 1st Judy 2nd

Meeting ended: 8:37 pm

Last modified: November 20, 2019

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