Rec Board Minutes – January 2020

February 20, 2020

Recreational Board Minutes Jan 15, 2020
Members: Sam Watt, Talia Preissman, Tim Longnecker, Howard Rush, Rick Dill, Michael Allen
Start Time: 7:40 pm
Approval of November Minutes: Sam 1 st Howard 2 nd
Treasurers Report: 12/31/19 balance of $12,543. Need to reimburse 5 outstanding items from holiday
event totaling $9805.14.
Council Liaison: June Byrnes: Loved the holiday event, announced new Mayor is Darren Matik, The
county approval for flashing light at Monroe and New Road has come through. They will be voting on a
new city council position to replace Darren Matik’s spot. Dan Miller received new city landscape
contract. Dan Miller will be lining the sports fields after the sports organizations do the initial lining.
They will put holiday lights up and take them down. City is also providing 40 x 40 shed for storage. Sam
Watt has again requested to see a copy of the landscape contract.
They are still looking into background and credit checks for volunteer coaches for sports organizations.
Park Director: Laurie Montgomery: Holiday Event went very well, even with rain on 2 nd night, they had a
great turn out. Santa mailbox did okay. A girl volunteered to hand write back to children and delivered
to homes

Reorganization: All positions shall remain the same. Motion to nominate Rick Dill for treasurer position.
Talia 1 st and Howard 2 nd
Rick Dill is the new treasurer taking the place of Judy Simpson
New Business:
Flag Football: Start 3/29/2020 and runs to 6/21/2020
Baseball Field Request: ** tabled until we can firm up field use for lacrosse.
Motion to end Meeting: Talia 1 st , Sam 2 nd

Meeting End: 8:21 pm

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