Rec Board Minutes – December 2020

April 19, 2021

Linwood Board of Recreational Minutes December 16th 2020

Start Time: 7:37 pm

Members: ( in Person) Talia Preissman, Tim Longnecker, Howard Rush, Rick Dill, Michael Allen 

*** COURT had a meeting at same time so Zoom call could not be completed ***

Council Liaison: June Byrnes via phone call: A Thank you to all fall and winter sports. Recreational Soccer building going to bid end of January beginning of February.

Treasurers Report: Rick Dill:  $20,649.33 balance, another $2300 should be coming in for reimbursements 

Park Director: : Laurie Montgomery: Nothing to report

Approval of November Minutes: Nothing to Approve.

Public Session: N/A

Old Business: building keys… We have a key

Bollards Keys for Park and Rec Director: Still need a key

Christmas Replacement lights and decorations/ Panel Tree C-7 discount: If we order replacements/ and or décor now, there is a 1/3 discount. All product can be sent in 2021.

New Business

Field Requests: LAX . Pending Covid Restrictions, but currently Approved

Motion to Approve LAX field request: Talia 1st , Rick 2nd

End of the year Capital items: Rec Board Budget Funds for alternate projects and items. All items approved other than Baseball Tv and mount, Tent, Temp Repair for Soccer building.

Cameras in the park update One camera is streaming live, all cameras are up other than baseball.

Motion to End Meeting: 8:24 Pm

Motion Approved: Talia 1st , Howard 2nd 

Last modified: April 21, 2021

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