Rec Board Minutes – January 2021

April 20, 2021

Recreational Board Minutes 1/20/2021 

Meeting start time: 7:32 PM 

Members: Tim Longnecker, Talia Preissman, Howard Rush, Joe Bunting  

Members Present Via Zoom: Carolyn Kollman , Michael Allen  

Park Director Report: Laurie Montgomery: Nothing to Report 

Council Liaison: Matt Levinson Via Zoom 

Approval of December Minutes: Motion to Approve, Talia 1st Howard 2nd 

Open Public Session: No one present 

Reorganization of the Board: All positions remain the same other than treasurer. Carolyn Kollman to  replace Rick Dill. A motion to approve Carolyn as new treasurer was done, Mike 1st Howard 2nd 

Old Business:  

Baseball Building keys: Laurie has a key 

Bollard Keys for Rec and Park Director: Laurie is still in need of a bollard key. Tim needs a  bollard key as well. 

Christmas Replacement lights and decorations: Order Purchase of $6,000 was approved and allotted  for replacements. 

Field Light Controller: Tim found an alternative controller that is cellular base with a lifetime warranty  for panel. This discussion was tabled as more information needs to be obtained. 

New Business:  

Welcome Carolyn Kollman! 

Field Requests for Baseball and LAX: Baseball will need to resubmit their requests. The times and dates  submitted for field use were unacceptable as they were requesting 9 am –9 pm m-F and S-S. 

LAX was already approved pending any new covid restrictions. 

Motion to end meeting: Howard 1st Joe 2nd 

Meeting ended at 8:20 PM 

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