Rec Board Minutes – March 2021

April 21, 2021

Recreational Board Minutes 3/17/2021

Meeting Start: 7:35 pm

Members: Tim Longnecker, Talia Preissman, Joe Bunting, Michael Allen, Carolyn Kollman 

Park Director Report: Still need approval from city council to do the Easter event at the park. Candy will need to be purchased. Currently we have 10k eggs from last year that were not used. Solidifying magician for date and seeing if we can keep group small.

Council Report: Matt Levinson: walked Memorial fields with heads of Lacrosse, Football, Baseball and Soccer. City checking this week for old storm drain that may be backed up. Could be a potential remedy to help with drainage. 

Treasurers Report: Carolyn Kollman: Balance $44,081.59

Approval of February Minutes: Mike 1st, Joe 2nd

Open Public Session: Via Zoom: Question about adding another playground for younger children at the field. The current playground and space provided was approved by city council. The old location for the younger children is located at a retention spot and is not ideal for use. 

Old Business: 

Field Light Controller: Still awaiting approval from the city. Purchase order was not completed.

Baseball Field Repairs: Dan Miller is finished with T-ball and machine pitch field with repairs. Dirt was added.

New Business: 

Sports Insurance/ Background checks: Judy has new insurance info for Flag Football. 

Easter Events: Awaiting confirmation from the city

Flag Football Update: 300 kids registered, 36 teams, Jerseys should be in by the 8th of April. Need to have fields at Poplar Avenue lined for games. Howard looking into cost and company to see if they can do lines for both Lacrosse and Flag.
Field requests, MUSA about shared Poplar fields for overflow: Field request Denied. The schedules are full for field use at this location.

Motion to end Meeting: 8:37pm Approved Joe 1st Mike 2nd

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