Rec Board Minutes – April 2021

May 19, 2021

Recreational Board Minutes 4/21/2021

Start time: 7:38 pm

Members: Talia Preissman, Tim Longnecker, Michael Allen, Joe Bunting, Carolyn Kollman, Chad Meyers

Park Director Report: Laurie Montgomery: Easter event went well. Registration printouts were not able to be used in the format they were received but were not needed in the end as the Governor updated outside events capacity before the event. Baseball practice was being held even though locations were supposed to be empty. With refusal to leave the field after requests from council member cops were called. Discussion took place among members about missing communications for that event with the conclusion that the email/text chain needs to be up to date.  

Treasurers Report: Carolyn Kollman: $35,865.56 balance

Approval of March Minutes: Mike 1st Joe 2nd 

Open Public Session: David Funk : questions in regards to Flag Football. Questioned why practices cannot be held by their team coaches. With the costs entailed there should be practices for new incoming players learning the game. The recreational board was unsure why practices were not allowed and would look into the matter with Judy Simpson. The board agreed that practices should available if the coach for that individual team is available to hold them. 

Matthew Brynick: Asked who is responsible for the bathrooms during sporting events. Each individual sport should make sure bathrooms are open and ready for use. 

Old Business: 

Field Light Controller: *** A light controller was approved several months ago and as of now still has not been purchased. Tim is checking with Anthony for the purchase order confirmation

Baseball Field Repairs: Repairs were done and look great.

Flag Football Update: A meeting needs to be held for Flag to discuss board formation, bylaws, etc. Insurance is good for the extensions due to weather cancellations.

Sports Insurance, finacials, background checks: Laurie worked on a list that each sports organization should have available and sent to the city/recreational board so all information is available and on file for that year.

New Business: 

Girl Scout park Cleanup: Approved

MUSA Summer Camps: no field requests have been received. Not approved as of now. Matt Brynick, Musa Member said he would email to Talia.

Park Vandalism and Damage: There is continued damage and vandalism occurring. Tim mentioned the possibility of a monitoring system at the police station so there can be eyes on the park after hours. A noise threshold system be installed in the bathrooms to detect damaging activity. Police chief asked if one of the cameras looking over the bathrooms can be used.

Approval to end Meeting: 8:52 pm , Joe 1st Tim 2nd 

Last modified: May 19, 2021

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