Rec Board Minutes – August 2021

September 15, 2021

Linwood Recreational Board Minutes August 18th 2021

Members: Tim Longnecker, Talia Preissman, Howard Rush, Mike Allen

 Chad Meyers, Carolyn Kollman (via ZOOM)

Meeting Start Time: 7:30 PM

Treasurers Report: Carolyn Kollman: Balance $18,431.63 Still Awaiting $$ from Sponsorship for Flag Football

Park Director: Tim Donovan: Background Checks should be good for 1 year. A universal fee needs to be put in place for Recreational Board for field use with a slight increase for out of town players. This is will help secure funds needed for any replenishments needed from season to season. Football, Soccer and Baseball ok with this.

Council Liaison: Matt Levinson ( VIA ZOOM) : June Byrnes wanted to let the firehall is accessible for use if needed. 

  • Lacrosse/Flag Football: A shed will be provided to be used as storage and snack bar for events at the Poplar field. 
  • Looking into a scoreboard that can be removed 
  • Football/Auxiliary Field: Burnt Sod has been replaced
  • Vandalism at the dugouts for baseball and hockey occurred. Working on how to have better surveillance

Approval of May Minutes: Howard 1st , Mike 2nd

Open Public: No one present

Old Business:  Movie Nights: MUSA is still interested in doing them during the fall season

  • Field Light Controller for All Wars: in process of being completed
  • Board Member Financial Disclosure: Anyone who has not completed needs to do so
  • Flag Football: Board of Directors update: The Recreational Board in agreement that Flag Football should direct their own board of directors

New Business: 

  • Temp LED Lighting for Poplar: Tim looked into a company that specializes in portable sports lighting. $400 per mth per unit for rent. They recommended 4 units for the field space. MUSA has agreed to pick up the rental fee and the Rec Board will split costs for shipping. The lights will not affect neighboring homes. If purchased, the company will apply 70% of the rental fee back towards the purchase.
  • Baseball Field Upkeep: baseball will be using the bikepath field. Dan Miller is to speak to Jim Barrett and John Franchini with football as it may affect Endzone location.
  • Fall Festival: Halloween needs to be planned. A committee will need to get together. Tim is posting online to see if any public volunteers would like to get involved.
  • Flag Pole at Poplar: Matt Levinson will look into moving the Flagpole to a new location so that field space can be utilized. The area will have to be regraded if moved.

Motion to End Meeting: Howard 1st Talia 2nd

Meeting End Time: 8:11 pm

Last modified: October 25, 2022

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